Wedding Tips and Suggestions - Part 3

Today is the final instalment of our 10 Wedding Tips and Suggestions for your Wedding Day.  All too frequently I have seen some of the same situations arise which are well beyond the contemplation of the Bride and Groom.  Today we list the final three.



Recently, for some unexplained reason, some Ministers/Officiants have decided to locate themselves immediately in front of the Bride and Groom for the duration of the Ceremony.  This unfortunately obscures the view of the Bride and Groom during such critical moments as the Vows and Ring Exchange.

Obviously, if the Officiant chooses to stand immediately in front of the Couple, not only will you be hidden from the view of your guests, but there is a good chance your Photographer will be hampered in recording important parts of your ceremony as well.  Please discuss with the presiding Officiant where they will be located during the Ceremony.



Many ceremonies include the lighting of a Unity Candle.  If one is to be lit, consider placing the candle forward enough to allow for the lighting of the candle while standing behind it - facing your guests.  This way, onlookers will see the front of you, rather than your backs, as the candle is lit!



Aisle Runners are equipped with a pull-string that is usually tied in a bow and stuffed inside the tubing.  If the string is not untied, the string will appear to be inadequately short, and the aisle runner will not unroll correctly, causing an awkward moment for the unsuspecting ushers.  Before the Wedding Day, check to see if the pull-string provided has at least four feet of clearance from the Runner roll when pulled taut.


These are some of the many tips and suggestions we give our Brides when we discuss how to make her day flow as smoothly as possible.  We hope they are helpful!


If you have any questions, please feel free to call (517) 394-2192  or  email us .  We're here to help!


Until next time,



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