10 Wedding Tips and Suggestions - Part 2

In an earlier post, we gave the first 3 suggestions in a continuing series which may help make your Wedding Day flow more smoothly.  Today we continue with four more ideas you may want to consider.



If you have selected "real" flowers for your Bridal Bouquet, and the Bouquet is of a substantial size, you may want to consider its weight - because you will be holding it throughout much of the day.  A Bride who is slight of build will find it difficult to hold a heavy bouquet in a graceful manner, which may be evident in the photographs.  "Artificial" flowers photograph well, will not wilt in the summer heat, and are substantially lighter weight than "real" flowers.



Over the years, the number one reason for a Bride and Groom to arrive at their Reception later than planned can be traced all the way back to the start of the day - at the Hair Salon.  More often than not, Hair Stylists usually underestimate the time required to create an intricate hair design.  The result is a Bride who arrives late to the church for important pictures which are scheduled prior to the Ceremony.  These are pictures which will still need to be taken; however they will now have to be done after the Ceremony.  Plan for at least 50% extra time if your day includes a trip to the hair salon.



Your Photographer should provide you with a Schedule of Photography which will act as an excellent Day Planner as you organize your day.  You may want to make photocopies of it, highlight time slots, and mail them to the various participants to inform them of their respective times to be photographed.



To expedite group and individual photography both before and after the Ceremony, it has been shown to be very helpful to have one person appointed as "gofor" who can assist in "rounding-up" persons who are to be photographed.


Hopefully these four tips will be helpful as you plan your Wedding Day.  We'll be posting the last 3 tips in an upcoming blog entry soon!

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