Looking your Best on your Wedding Day (Part 2)


In our last blog entry, we talked about the first 5 ways to make sure you look your best on your Wedding Day.  Here are a few more to consider:


   6.  Use Waterproof Makeup with Staying Power.  Maybe you don't plan on crying - but just in case - be sure to use a Foundation, Eyeliner and Mascara that are all waterproof.  There will be plenty of hugging and kissing, so your makeup will need to be up to the task, both in its durability and in the way it handles a little bit of tearing.  A little waterproof makeup will help you to avoid the "Alice Cooper" look.

   7.  Keep your Lips moisturized and colored.  Dry lips look dreadful in photos.  Have someone carry your lipstick for you and touch up often.  Matte and gloss lipstick both photograph well, and be sure to use blended lip liner for enhanced definition. 

   8.  Don't Sprinkle on Glitter.  In photographs, because Glitter is shiny, it tends to look like little white spots wherever it's used.  You may want to rethink using it.

   9.  Remember to apply foundation and powder to your neck, shoulders and decolletage - you want your head to look like it belongs to your body!

  10. And don't forget the Groom!   Sure, it's a given that your guy isn't going to be fond of the idea of being "made-up", but a little smoothing of the skin tones prior to his pictures goes a long way toward having a great looking Groom on your arm !



                     You never know when Waterproof Makeup may be needed!



Again, we thank Lorna Gentry for her insights into making your Wedding Day "look" unlike any other!  It's your day to shine, and, remember, we're here to help.  Give us a call, or send us an email! 


Until next time!



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