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For the eighth year running, Robert Charles Photography has been privileged to provide photography for a local High School's Winter Homecoming Banquet.   This year's Banquet was held at The Kellogg Center, a part of Michigan State University. 


Every Location shoot brings with it a set of challenges which require adaptation in order to create the best possible images given the limitations of the environment.  This year, the room accommodations included a lower than optimum nine foot ceiling and very tight quarters for a full-length backdrop, large softboxes and, of course, yours truly.  Instead of using my usual set-up - including a hair light and gridded side kicker lights, we resigned ourselves to two large (6' x 4') softboxes.   


Photographer's note:  Why use softboxes which are so large?  With today's digital cameras, we've found that smaller light sources tend to be too "specular", producing unwanted hot spots, while the larger variety of softbox produces a gentle, softer, more forgiving quality of light.  Does it make a difference?  You decide.  Here are a couple of images from the banquet:



            Homecoming Queen and King                                       Lexie and Zach



One of the advantages of photographing a School Banquet where one's kids attend is being able to use the opportunity to create a great portrait of one's own children.  My two older offspring are to the left; all four kids on the right.  The portrait of all four children now hangs in our family living room.


Next week RCP will be photographing a prominent law firm in town for use on the back page of the Yellow Pages phone book.  We look forward to the opportunities and challenges of photographing on location!

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