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This is the 2nd in a two part series of memorable weddings from 2011.


When Kori, her Mother Patti, and younger sister Katie, stopped by the Studio for a consultation late last year, they mentioned that having the best Wedding Photography was of paramount importance. 


This isn't always the case.  When photographing weddings for another studio years ago, I recall one Groom intimating to me, "I don't know what they told you at the studio, but we just want to get the reception and open a keg!!"  Needless to say, creating great wedding memories was not foremost in their minds.


As we discussed her Wedding plans, Kori told me that her older sister had gotten married the year before, and they weren't at all pleased with the results.  I was told how her sister's photographer had approached the family just after the Toasts were given, saying, "My battery died.  I guess I'm going home."  And the photographer left!  No cake cutting pictures.  No First Dance pictures.  No Bouquet and Garter Pictures - or other festivity-pictures spanning the next 4 hours of Reception.


I shook my head in disbelief.


I felt bad for their experience, knowing that in today's digital world, there are a great many undertrained photo "enthusiasts" offering their services who all too frequently offer disappointing results.  I reassured her that, having photographed Weddings since 1978 - including "top tier" weddings in the Detroit area for over 12 years - I looked forward to the opportunity of being on her team and creating some absolutely beautiful wedding images for her!


On her June 25th Wedding Day, Kori looked resplendent!  Out of the hundreds captured, some of her photos include:


                             Kori - at the Opera House Gazebo - with the first images of the day!



                     With her Bridesmaids ...                                               and new husband Nathan



                                      After a long day, Kori and Nathan had one last dance


What I remembered most from Kori's wedding was her sister Katie's gratitude at the end of the day.  After being asked to use her "point and shoot" pocket camera to finish covering her sister's Reception the year before, sister Katie was so relieved that Kori had been in good hands during the 14 hours of her Wedding Day.


Kori's Mother was gracious in later writing, 

                   "My Daughter was Married this June and Robert Charles was amazing to work with!  He is truly a Professional - the creativity in his photography is wonderful!  Robert also makes everyone @ ease on a very busy and special day.  I highly encourage everyone to use Robert for any event - especially a Wedding."  


What could be more rewarding?

Until next time.


To see a quick 30 second video of Kori, follow this link:

To see more of Rob's work, click on  and see his Galleries!


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