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This is the 1st in a 2 part series on memorable weddings in 2011.


When Catrice and Jonathan scheduled their wedding for August 14th, they had no idea what they were in store for.  Their Wedding and Reception were held at the Grand Ledge Opera House, a site with unique charm - and one of my favoirite locations.


When I suggested to Catrice that we work together to create some incredible Wedding Images, she was 100% on board.  That is not always the case.  Too often, wedding photography today has devolved into a collection of haphazard snapshots collected throughout the day, resembling something similar to a family gettogether  or backyard BBQ.  I've always believed that you, the Bride and Groom, have a lot to contribute by working together to create awe-inspiring images which will be remembered for a lifetime.


OK, by now you've probably realized I'm a romantic at heart.  I admit it.  (And I also watch "chick flicks" - just don't tell anyone!) 


Prior to their wedding, I had the opportunity to get to know Catrice and Jonathan by way of an Engagement Session from February. Here is one of their images:



     Now, on to their Wedding:

Despite some foreboding skies and a threatening weather report, I was anxious to create some incredible images. We started with Catrice outdoors, under heavily clouded skies.


To see more pictures of Catrice:


My Wedding Philosophy is simple:  If a Bride has spent $800-1200 - or substantially more - on a Dress which will be used for a single event, her pictures should show an amount of Refinement and Craftsmanship which will stand the test of time.  Sure, there will be opportunities throughout the day to collect images as the day unfolds, but I encourage Brides not to shortchange themselves by settling for "snapshots".  My suggestion:  Make sure your Photographer plans on setting aside time to Create some incredible images!  Fewer and fewer do today.


Although these images are memorable, it was what happened during the Ceremony which I will never forget! 


After a number of breif "rain delays", Catrice and Jonathan agreed to forge ahead with their outdoor Ceremony.  The rain briefly abated and Catrice descended the huge staircase to the outdoor patio, making her way to the end of the aisle.  At this point, the skies opened up with a downpour not seen since Noah built his ark!  


     Rain speckles the camera lens ...         but Catrice and Jonathan, much to their credit, decide to soldier-on.


                   Umbrellas in full array,                               Catrice and Jonathan share a First Kiss


What I remembered most about this Wedding:  Sometimes a "perfect wedding day" is remembered more for the feelings and emotions exchanged between two people than the weather conditions!


Until next time,



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