Engagement Photography in the Fall


Many of our Brides-to-Be ask about Engagement Photography when they make their initial inquiry about our services.  Of course Robert Charles Photography provides Engagement Photography with most of our Packages - and for good reason!


First, we see our Engagement Sessions as an opportunity to get to know our Couples.  Some are gregarious, extroverted, outgoing in nature; others more reserved.   When we spend 45 minutes to an hour with a couple, we have an opportunity to get to know them on a personal level and know what they will most appreciate when they receive their wedding images.


Also, we look forward to displaying their finished Wall Portrait of our couple on a 5' floor-standing easel at their reception for attendees to see them in a more casual setting.  Ranging from 11x14"  to  20x24" in size, these Wall Portraits become a touchstone in their lives, as they think back and reminisce about their lives together just prior to their Wedding Day.


Last weekend we photographed Theresa and Tony at one of the local parks, taking in all the Fall colors.  Here are just a few of their many images from for their Engagement Session:



       What could be more treasured than the genuine feelings shared together by a couple during their Engagement?


              Autumn in Michigan - spectacular!


        We're looking forward to their March 10th Wedding! 


 More of Rob's work can be found at http://www.robertcharlesphotography.com/   Click on Galleries 

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