Wedding Reception Entertainment - Part 2


Over the past 25 years, I've photographed a wide range of Weddings - from lavish, upscale occasions to smaller, more intimate gatherings.  The one thing they all had in common was some form of entertainment at the Reception.  In our last RCP blog entry, we provided some guidelines for finding Live Entertainment; today we'll look at DJ's.  


I'm frequently asked for a referral to find a DJ for a Bride and Groom-to-be.  Here is what I tell them:

  • If at all possible, try to go see a prospective DJ in person!  Some DJ's are mild, laid-back individuals who are trained to do nothing more than feed an unending supply of CD's into a computer tray.  Others are capable of taking the reins and providing some much needed structure to a reception
  • Learn at least a minimum about what type of sound reinforcement equipment will be needed to adequately cover the size Reception Hall you will have.  Most DJ's carry a simple 3-way cabinet, elevated for sound dispersal.  This may be fine in a smaller, lodge-type setting, but a system with a seperate bass cabinet will provide a lot more "punch" in rooms designed to accommodate 200 or more people.
  • What type of Lighting equipment will he/she be bringing?  When the lights dim later in the evening, you may have hoped for more than 4 colored lights pointing listlessly at the dance floor all night
  • Does the DJ have a cordless mic for toasts?  If so, find out whether it has "true diversity" which guarantees a signal which will not "drop out" during a toast. 
  • If you plan to book a company which has multiple DJ's available on a given night, make sure you know who it is who will be providing music at your Reception.   It goes without saying that large, expensive DJ packages will receive the better equipped, more talented DJ's, while smaller occasions will get ... something less.  Again, make every effort to see a prospective DJ in person, and then book that person.

Finally, ask to see if the DJ will have a back-up amplifier - and in the case of a DJ using all computerized music - or a 2nd computer on hand.  You be the judge of how important it may be to have an "ace" up the sleeve should a piece of equipment fail at your Reception.

If you'd like a referral to find the best DJ for your Wedding Reception, give us a call!  We're here to help!  517-394-2192



                                                            Terry, from Zack's Tunes, with his state of the art  "Intelligent Light" system




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