Wedding Reception Entertainment - Part 1


Your Wedding Reception is the culmination of a day filled with emotion and festivity.  The Entertainment you choose is meant to enhance a day that will live on in your memories for years to come.  So you ask, "How do I choose the band or DJ which will leave my guests talking about 'the great time we had' for days and weeks to come?" 

As a Wedding Photographer, wedding receptions provide me with the opportunity to sample a large number of Bands and DJ's from the area.  Some, it is obvious, are polished and have honed their craft to provide the finest in musical entertainment.  Others seem to be navigating in uncharted waters, apparently capable of doing little more than feeding an unending supply of CD's into awaiting computer drives and otherwise providing little in the way of real entertainment.

First, decide if you'd like to have a live Band, or recorded music.  Live bands come in all varieties and ranges across the musical spectrum.  Some are highly professional in presentation and conduct; others see a wedding reception as a way to "make a couple of bucks" on their way to becoming "stars".  Below is a quick list of considerations, if you are thinking of booking a band for your reception.  Look for a band that:

  1. Has Longevity.     Many bands come and go, with few lasting for more than a year.  Find a Band which has been around for a while - perhaps 3 or 4 years - which shows a strong sense of stability
  2. Specialize in Weddings.  A recent wedding this past summer featured a "Thrash" Band.  Although entertaining in a concert setting, it was just painful to watch the "Father-Daughter Dance".
  3. Is Professional.  How will they dress?  Will one of the band members act as Master of Cerimony and give announcements and help give assistance in coordinating the events of the reception?
  4. Has some business sense.  Do they use contracts, spelling out important considerations including:
  • Start time
  • Ending time
  • Length of breaks
  • Number of breaks
  • Music provided during breaks
  • Lighting equipment that will be provided
  • Sound equipment which will be used
  • Wireless/additional mics provided for use during toasts
  • Learning of requested songs
  • Providing food for band members
  • Deposits required
  • Full payment to be paid at what time 

In the mid-Michigan area, we highly recommend - without reservation - the "Life Support" band.  With over 100 years of professional experience, Life Support provides a slick, highly professional, seemless presentation which will leave your guests reminiscing about your wedding reception for weeks to come.  For more information, just click on this link    Talented Keyboardist Ricky Nalett is also available to provide dinner music


As a general rule, bands tend to be a bit more expensive, but the feel of live entertainment by a select group of accomplished musicians may be the capstone of a perfect day!



                                  Guitar Player and Singer from the "Grupo Aldaco" band


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