Multiple Lighting at your Wedding!


If you've read my blog in the past, you know that I am a strong proponent of using Multiple Lighting (when supplemental lighting is necessary) to create depth and add a natural feel to indoor photography.

Unfortunately, in our immediate geographic area, the use of Multiple Lighting is sometimes thought of as "extravagant" or "unecessary" but if not used at one of the most important events of a Couple's life, then when?  Single "splat" lighting is flat and uninteresting, resulting in imagery not too different from those images collected by other guests during a Wedding day.

Take just a few moments to look through some of the images below from yesterday's wedding.  Is it worth the extra effort?  I think so!


Here is Rachel.  Look at the soft contours and beaded nuances in her dress.  I know there is a growing trend to do things the "easy way", but this is where Photography gets fun!



Here she is at the Altar.  If you look closely,                     At the Head Table.


you can see the variety of highlights amidst

the soft textures.  



                          More Head Table images.  Same lighting configuration.


                  Insist on Multiple Lighting for your Wedding Images!


see more examples of our work at








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