Photographer-Assisted Photography

Frequently Brides come into our Studio, adamently insisting on "All Photojournalism - nothing posed!"  Sometimes they really mean it; oft times they are merely reverberating something read in a Bridal "guide".  If you are considering "all Photojournalism", ask yourself some of these questions:

  1.  Would you like to have a keepsake, treasured picutre of you with either your Mom, your Dad (or both) on your wedding day?

  2.  Since you have probably spent many hours looking for that special dress for your wedding, would you be willing to work with your photographer to create memorable images, rather than settle for randomly photographed images?

  3. Would it be helpful for your photographer to give you suggestions on how to look your best for your individual pictures, or would you feel satisfied with whatever images he/she collected on your wedding day?


If you answered "yes" to any of the above questions, you may want to consider "Photographer-Assisted" imagery on your wedding day.  Listen to what one recent Bride said:

     "WOW!!!  I am extremely impressed with the quality.  You captured so many great moments.  Thank-you for this.  I adore all the photos but by favorite is Chris "whoo-hooing" in the middle of the ladies on the dance floor.  Yes ... this is the man I married.  Thank-you again for the professionalism, quality and talking me into the "formal" shots.  I think everyone looked absolutely beautiful.  Chris and I are very excited and pleased.  Thanks for the kind remarks regarding our photos and for showing me the "model" moves.  These positions really made the photos spectacular.  Thanks!!"


Here are a few examples of "Photographer-Assisted Photography" images.  What do you think?







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