Looking your Best on your Wedding Day

... You've done a masterful job planning your Wedding Day - from the style of Boutineers for the Groomsmen to the imprinting on the color-coordinated napkins at the Reception.  You've got every detail covered.  Maybe.


As a Wedding Photographer with over 30 years experience, I've found that the most overlooked detail of the Bride's Wedding Day may also be the most important:  The finished look of a Bride's makeup.


Since her early teen years, many young women have routinely started their day by reaching for the same collection of cosmetics and applied them habitually in the same manner.  But on a day as big as your Wedding Day, you may want to give your "finishing touches" a second thought.  For the Bride who wants to have "all her bases covered", we've enlisted the help of a number of Experts for you to look your best.  In the first of two instalments, make-up artist Steve Moore of the Moore Agency in Atlanta, and Deanna Rene of Scottsdale, Arizona lend their expertise in a Top 10 list of Tips and Suggestions for the discerning Bride who wants to look her best.  We hope you find them helpful.


  1. If you have the option, always Use a Professional Makeup Artist on a big day such as your Wedding.  Professionals are trained to see things you routinely overlook.  And they have the inside track on the latest styles and techniques to make you look your best!
  2. If you opt for doing your own make-up, the most important tip to remember is to blend, blend, blend your make-up.  Want to add a little blush?  Blend it seamlessly.  Under eye cover?  Blend it.  War Paint is out.  Natural is in.
  3. Use less makeup for a day wedding and be a little more dramatic for the evening. 
  4. For the under eye, use a moisturized concealer.  You may want to blend it with a skin cream if you need additional moisturizing. 
  5. If you make any changes from your day-to-day look, make sure you Do a Trial Run to make sure your updated "look" works.  The morning of your Wedding Day will be more stress free if you are confident in your preparation.


We have a few more Tips and Suggestions to add in our segment.  But remember, your Photographer is in your corner - even after your Wedding Day - helping to make your Wedding Pictures look their best!   Ask your Photographer for advice.  We're here to help!

          Shawna - Senior session (before)      


                                                           Shawna - with complete Retouching   


Make sure your Photograper will be providing Retouching on all your images.  You'll look great!


Until next time!



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