Bridal Wedding Albums - and More!

So, you're getting married....  You need a Photographer, and are pretty sure what style of Wedding Photography you're looking for.  The next question is ... what form will those Memories take?  What will you have in your hands when all is said and done? 


It wasn't long ago that the typical Bride was given but two choices for their Wedding images:  Have them placed in a fully finished Traditional Wedding Album or have loose Enlargements printed.


The Traditional Album, with Enlargements ranging in size from 4x5's to 8x10's, typically contained pockets into which the Enlargements were placed.  Although supremely constructed and considered "top of the line" at the time, their unimaginative format "failed to stir one's soul", as I like to say.  Because of this, many Brides opted instead for loose Enlargements, ingloriously stuffing their memories into an envelope or box, and rarely being seen by friends or family. 


All this has changed with the digital age.  (Background cheers sounding in the distance....)  Today's Bride has some new and exciting options:

Flush Mount Albums are now all the rage in displaying and sharing your Wedding Images with friends and family.  Incorporating the best in Graphic Arts design, the Flush Mount Album has caught the fancy of Brides across the spectum - and from across the country.  Why are they different?


First, each Spread Page (both the left and right sides of an open Album) is thematically unique.  You may have, for example, a Spread Page of the "Bride Alone":


Or a page with "Cake Cutting":



These images are either fused together, overlaped, merged, collaged, or otherwise graphically placed in a way which never fails to elicite "ooows" and "aaahs" as the viewer is pictorally transported back to the time of your Wedding Celebration.  Instead of being shelved in a box, Flush Mount Albums find themselves on coffee tables awaiting the next guest or relative who may drop by and muses, "I heard you got married this past year".


At RCP, we don't "farm out" the Album creating process.  Owner Rob Annis personally takes the time to design each Flush Mount Album (FMA) himself, creating unforgetable pages of your memories.  All FMA's are constructed from the finest Leather and include up to two lines of imprinting on the cover.  Classy.  Definitely worth showing to your friends.


In addition to the new FMA's, it is not unusual for Brides today to inquire about another possibility:  Receiving their images on a disk for archiving - and possibly printing Enlargements themselves.  At first blush, it would seem that being able to "print your own" is a no-brainer.  What drawbacks could there possibly be?  Answer:  Well over 99% of all wedding photographers are guilty of providing "rough draft" images to their Brides when they supply "Hi-Res" DVD's.  I personally find this to be crime, as most unsuspecting Brides are expecting their Wedding Images to have been completely Enhanced and Retouched (I call it "Lab-Ready") and fully believe they will be able to have beautiful finished pictures made.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  At least be aware of what you are bargaining for.  I have a blog article written on just this topic.


The bottom line:  Have in mind the end product you would like to have and show to your friends and family.  Whether it's a Flush Mount Album or Hi-Res DVD, you'll be way ahead of the game.






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