Professional Wedding Photography - there IS a difference!


A few years ago, a camera manufacturer ran a series of ads on TV featuring actor Ashton Kutcher roaming about during an outdoor wedding, taking snapshots of the various attendees.  Snap.  Snap.  Every picture beautifully lit.  Every picture an artistic wonder.  

Although it was obvious that Kutcher posseses only a minimum knowledge of Photography, the camera manufacturer led the viewer to believe that anyone could take incredible pictures if they just owned their brand of camera.



It's a fun idea to get sucked in to.  

Similar victims of this sort of marketing strategy may sound something like this: 

             "Buy these golf clubs.  Hit every shot like a Pro",       

                      or ...

            "Use these pots and pans and cook like Paula Dean!"


The problems?   You don't have a Pro's golf swing.   You really don't know how to cook all that well.


As much as I like Ashton Kutcher as an actor, he may be partially responsible for some of the many disappointments Brides have experienced by hiring an "enthusiast", rather than a skilled Professional. 


Professional Wedding Photography is very similar.  A camera is a tool.  It's only a tool.  Having the newest and best-est, most tech-iest camera only means ... someone has a nice tool in your hands with which to create.  


Similarly, when on location, I've found many homes with a beautiful piano in the living room.  When asked "Who plays?", I usually find a family member with a somewhat basic, rudimentary level of skills.   It's really nothing more than a pastime, and very, very few play well enough to offer their services professionally - on a wedding day.  For a once in a lifetime occasion.


You've planned your day to the last nuanced letter.  Now memorialize the moment with unmatched Wedding Photography from a trusted Professional.




       Catrice - on her Wedding Day                                                                           with her Jr. Bridesmaid




             At the Gazebo                           



                             Stunning ...



Professional Photography - the way you will remember Your Day.


To see our "Animated Images" of Catrice, click on this link: 

 For more information on Robert Charles Photography, just follow this link:   Visit our Gallery Pages!


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Engagement Photography - Indoors!


Robert Charles Photography offers Engagement Photography in most of our Packages.  Frequently we'll find ourselves outside during the Spring through Fall seasons, creating images which will last a lifetime.  The resulting images are then enlarged and eventually displayed on a 5' floor-standing easel at the Reception.   But what do we do in February - with the temps registering a frigid 15 degrees outside?


We offer indoor, Location photography! 


Last week, when Jonathan and Catrice asked if we could provide them with images which they could use when contacting friends and relatives via email for their upcoming August wedding, I mentioned that we would be photographing a Winter Homecoming Banquet the following Saturday and we would be happy to photograph them as well.


Sadly, it seems that fewer and fewer photographers are able to provide much more than a "point and shoot" style of photography indoors today.  We are pleased to offer True Studio-Quality Photography on Location on your Wedding Day, available in most Packages for that extra Classic, Elegant look - or when the weather is not cooperating.


Here are a couple of their images. 






         How fun is this?


 Until next time!   


See more of Rob's work at   Check out our Gallery Pages!         

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Wedding Reception Entertainment - Part 2


Over the past 25 years, I've photographed a wide range of Weddings - from lavish, upscale occasions to smaller, more intimate gatherings.  The one thing they all had in common was some form of entertainment at the Reception.  In our last RCP blog entry, we provided some guidelines for finding Live Entertainment; today we'll look at DJ's.  


I'm frequently asked for a referral to find a DJ for a Bride and Groom-to-be.  Here is what I tell them:

  • If at all possible, try to go see a prospective DJ in person!  Some DJ's are mild, laid-back individuals who are trained to do nothing more than feed an unending supply of CD's into a computer tray.  Others are capable of taking the reins and providing some much needed structure to a reception
  • Learn at least a minimum about what type of sound reinforcement equipment will be needed to adequately cover the size Reception Hall you will have.  Most DJ's carry a simple 3-way cabinet, elevated for sound dispersal.  This may be fine in a smaller, lodge-type setting, but a system with a seperate bass cabinet will provide a lot more "punch" in rooms designed to accommodate 200 or more people.
  • What type of Lighting equipment will he/she be bringing?  When the lights dim later in the evening, you may have hoped for more than 4 colored lights pointing listlessly at the dance floor all night
  • Does the DJ have a cordless mic for toasts?  If so, find out whether it has "true diversity" which guarantees a signal which will not "drop out" during a toast. 
  • If you plan to book a company which has multiple DJ's available on a given night, make sure you know who it is who will be providing music at your Reception.   It goes without saying that large, expensive DJ packages will receive the better equipped, more talented DJ's, while smaller occasions will get ... something less.  Again, make every effort to see a prospective DJ in person, and then book that person.

Finally, ask to see if the DJ will have a back-up amplifier - and in the case of a DJ using all computerized music - or a 2nd computer on hand.  You be the judge of how important it may be to have an "ace" up the sleeve should a piece of equipment fail at your Reception.

If you'd like a referral to find the best DJ for your Wedding Reception, give us a call!  We're here to help!  517-394-2192



                                                            Terry, from Zack's Tunes, with his state of the art  "Intelligent Light" system




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Classic, Elegant Wedding Photography in Lansing, MI? You bet!


Weddings are one of the most memorable events in a person's life, and the memories we have and share are kept fresh in our minds with incredible Wedding Day photography. 

Despite the influx of photo enthusiasts eager to try their hand at preserving lifetime memories, experienced Professional Wedding Photographers offer something which new "point and shooters" cannot:  Beautifully crafted images. 

Just think ... a Bride will spend hour upon hour pouring over a myriad of details for her Day.  And how will it be remembered?  In the photographs she treasures for years to come.     

Robert Charles Photography specializes in Classic, Elegant Wedding Photography by creating images which uphold a tradition of quality.  Your Wedding Day deserves nothing less.

Just 2 weeks ago we photographed Robin and Jeff's June Wedding.  We were happy to have played a small part in their exceptional day!  Some of their images appear below. 






       Another look - with "Painter's Touch"                                     Jeff - ready to go



       We photographed Robin & Jeff with our              And stopped at park on the way to the

              unique "Aisle Series".                                                      reception


                           Classic, Elegant Wedding Photography




                                 There's nothing better!


Until next time,


visit us on the web




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Wedding images - will your images be Retouched?

One of the important features which separates our Wedding Photography from other Studios is our belief that all images should be fully Retouched and Enhanced before they are presented to our clients

Many Brides mistakenly believe that their images will look fabulous from the moment the camera "clicks".  We've found that almost all images, with a little help, can be made to look even better than the moment they were captured.  Sure it takes time and a good deal of expertise ... but your Wedding images will be treasured for a lifetime!


Check out the "before" and "after" results.  First the fully enhanced, retouched image:


Now the original image:



All of your Wedding Images from Robert Charles Photography are Fully Enhanced, Fully Retouched.  This requires an additional 15-18 hours of additional work, but as you can see, it's worth it!

Why settle for less?


You've worked hard to make sure your wedding is perfect.  And at Robert Charles Photography  we  create images you'll remember for a lifetime!



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Simone's Quinceanera

Recently we ahd the opportunity to photograph Simone's Quinceanera.  What's a quinceanera, you ask?

Many Hispanic cultures celebrate the "Coming of Age" of the their 15 year old daughters by celebrating with a huge party, very similar to a wedding - except, of course, the young lady doesn't get married.  These celebrations include many traditions which have symbolic meanings.

Simone's Quinceanera included a Ceremony at Cristo Rey Church, followed by a gran fiesta at the Cadillac Club near downtown Lansing.  In between, we found a few minutes to create some beautiful photographs which, I am sure, she will treasure for years to come.  Some of those images are posted below!




                            Simone - just before her reception





                                   Grupo Aldaco provided live music


It was a great day!  We were so happy to have been a part of it.

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Engagement Photography

 Originally Published September 11


Photographing a couple in an Engagement session prior to their wedding provides more than a beautiful Print for display in their home, it gives me the opportunity to gain some insight into the future Bride and Groom's individual personalities.  Some are quiet, reserved and place a high priority on protocol and propriety; others are more extroverted and gregarious.  Who they are and how they see themselves will be important in how we cover their Wedding Day.


Here are Bridget and Kyle





What can be more fun!

Until next time,




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