Professional Wedding Photography - there IS a difference!


A few years ago, a camera manufacturer ran a series of ads on TV featuring actor Ashton Kutcher roaming about during an outdoor wedding, taking snapshots of the various attendees.  Snap.  Snap.  Every picture beautifully lit.  Every picture an artistic wonder.  

Although it was obvious that Kutcher posseses only a minimum knowledge of Photography, the camera manufacturer led the viewer to believe that anyone could take incredible pictures if they just owned their brand of camera.



It's a fun idea to get sucked in to.  

Similar victims of this sort of marketing strategy may sound something like this: 

             "Buy these golf clubs.  Hit every shot like a Pro",       

                      or ...

            "Use these pots and pans and cook like Paula Dean!"


The problems?   You don't have a Pro's golf swing.   You really don't know how to cook all that well.


As much as I like Ashton Kutcher as an actor, he may be partially responsible for some of the many disappointments Brides have experienced by hiring an "enthusiast", rather than a skilled Professional. 


Professional Wedding Photography is very similar.  A camera is a tool.  It's only a tool.  Having the newest and best-est, most tech-iest camera only means ... someone has a nice tool in your hands with which to create.  


Similarly, when on location, I've found many homes with a beautiful piano in the living room.  When asked "Who plays?", I usually find a family member with a somewhat basic, rudimentary level of skills.   It's really nothing more than a pastime, and very, very few play well enough to offer their services professionally - on a wedding day.  For a once in a lifetime occasion.


You've planned your day to the last nuanced letter.  Now memorialize the moment with unmatched Wedding Photography from a trusted Professional.




       Catrice - on her Wedding Day                                                                           with her Jr. Bridesmaid




             At the Gazebo                           



                             Stunning ...



Professional Photography - the way you will remember Your Day.


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Wedding Photography - Family


It's not often that you are called upon to photograph the wedding of a Family member.  However a few weeks ago, studio owner Rob Annis had the privilege of photographing one of his nephews, Kevin, and his fiancee, Amanda.


Having photographed hundreds of weddings, I set only one ground rule:  "During the course of the day, you are not allowed to call me "Uncle Rob".  (It would have been ... just too wierd)  


Here are a few of their images!


                            Amanda & Kevin                                       We applied a small amount of "Painter's Touch"

                                                                                                             to both of these images



                           We used the back yard of one of the Groomsmen.  

                     A small amount of Watercoloring was added for texturing


                                                                  This is one of my favorites.


All of these images are "Created Images".  All too often, Brides walk away from their weddings with nothing more than a collection of snapshots.  Robert Charles Photography is a strong believer in creating images which stand alone as a testiment to the beauty of the Bride and Groom's Wedding Day.


To see an overview of their wedding, just click on this link:



Until next time!


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