Wedding Photography in the Spring

Many couples wait until the warm Summer months to tie the knot.  Others decide to get a head start and exchange rings just after the snow melts.  As a Wedding Photographer, early Spring weddings can be challenging to provide rich outdoor imagery when the grass is matted and the trees are barren of leaves.  


And such was the case for Kelsey and KC's March 27th wedding in Michigan.  What did we do? 




  • First we placed Kelsey in a walkway, under an overhanging roof, where the light was soft and flattering
  • We used a large 6'x4' California Sunbounce reflector to bounce light back onto Kelsey's pretty face to even out and homogenize the tone
  • And we simplified the background, so it would not compete for attention with our subject
  • We completely enhancemented  the image and retouched Kelsey to produce that "Make-up Artist on-call" look which Brides adore
  • Lastly we created a Watercolor look to give this image its unique look.    The 20x30" print hanging in our Studio looks like an artist creation!

In preparation for her Wedding Day, Kelsey had put a lot of thought and energy into which dress she would wear, her hairstyle, bouquet, makeup and other considerations.  Rather than just "collecting" images of Kelsey on her wedding day, we had something better to offer her:  Photographer-Assisted Photography, featuring refined, well-crafted imagery which truly reflects the elevated view that Robert Charles Photography places on a Bride's special day.



After braving the low 50 degree temps outside, we brought Kelsey and KC into the church to create some additional images.  We brought them up the aisle (why photograph them on the steps?  It's been done before!) and used 3 light sources to create these uniquely beautiful images for them. 



After the ceremony we were able to complete our visual motiff by photographing both of them together in the aisle.  Stunning! 


Kelsey and KC asked if we could use their vintage car in some of their outside pictures.  Of course.  Here are a few of those pictures:


 Two images.  Different perspectives.  And who would have guessed there was snow on the ground just a couple weeks ago!


Until next time,





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