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Having photographed almost 500 weddings over the past 30 years, I've been eye witness to a score of changes - some for the better, some not.  I've seen Wedding Photography evolve from stiffly posed "formal" portraits to a more realistic, effervescent radiant style.  I've seen the size of our tools shrink from the Medium Format heavyweights to the smaller SLR size.  And of course I've seen perhaps the biggest change of all:  the digital revolution which has supplanted the use of film.


With digital capture, there have been plenty of positive changes including

  • Finer detail recorded
  • Easier portability
  • Automatic features
  • Unimagined post-production possibilities
  • The ability to "preview" an image after capturing it


Aaaah... the ability to preview the image immediately....


Perhaps no other change in photography has opened the door to allow for a free flow of weekend wedding warriors than the "guarantee" that there will be ... something ... to present to a Bride and Groom after their "Big Day".  And sometimes that's a problem.


Last year I photographed Kori's wedding in June.  She is the middle of three sisters.  When they visited my Studio, they made reference to "the problems they had last year" with her older sister's wedding, and they wanted to make sure that didn't happen again.  Not wanting to pry, I let the topic pass. 


At Kori's Reception, I was approached by Katie, Kori's younger sister.  Katie was effusive in her praise and repeatedly mentioned how relieved she was "after last year".  So I had to ask.  "Last year", she explained, "the woman photographer came up to the head table just after the toasts and told us 'My battery died.  I guess I'm going home'".  "My battery" - as in singular?, I asked.  Indeed.  The woman had taken on the role of Wedding Photographer with (you guessed it) a single camera and a single battery.  "What happened?", I asked.  "She left.  She just left.  And mom told me, 'Katie, you'd better get your 'point and shoot' camera and take the rest of the pictures'".


I felt bad for her oldest sister, but accounts like you've just read are all too familiar.


Just this week I was approached by a wonderful woman who teaches Elementary age students.  She inquired about the possibility of being able to "work some magic" with the printed wedding images from her daughter's wedding from two years ago, saying "They are simply horrible".  I advised her to obtain the original files, since once an image is printed on to photographic paper, there is little that can be done to "rework" an image  Three days later, she texted to say that the photographer had deleted all the images from her hard drive, so the original files were gone.  


These two real life scenarios are tied together with same twine:  Just because an image appears on back of a camera, it most certainly doesn't guarantee the Quality of the images or Professionalism of the service. 


If your Wedding Memories are important to you, check around.  RCP has provided a number of blog posts which should make your search easier.    And if you have any questions, give us a call.  We're here to help make your day ... Memorable!


Until next time. 



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Wedding Photography - "All Photojournalism - Nothing Posed!"


Some time ago, a Bride met me at the Studio door and - before entering - emphatically quiried, "You do Photojournalism, right?  Because I don't want anything posed!"

I assured her that, having photographed weddings for other studios where "PJ" was their exclusive style, I would be more than happy to "collect" images for her throughout her wedding day, if that was what she really wanted. 

Relieved, she entered the RCP Studio - whereupon she saw a gorgeous portrait of "Kasey" statuesquely featured in front of a huge bank of stained glass windows.  "Oooooh, that's beautiful!", she exclaimed.

Hmmmm.  Should I tell her that Kasey didn't just "happen by" those windows and that the image she so liked was more than just happenstance, or say nothing?  I gently told her that the large print in front of her was the result of the Bride working together with me to create something fantastic which otherwise wouldn't have been created had she only wanted "collected" images - instead of "created" images as well. 


Just a few weeks ago, RCP had the oppotunity to photograph Erin & Zach's wedding.  We worked together to create some beautiful images which we both loved.  Why not take the time to create beautiful, mind-blowing images which you'll treasure for a lifetime?  Here are a few of Erin & Zach's images:



         Erin outside ...                                                       in the church


                       and in a close-up



          Zach in the aisle                                                    Fun post-Ceremony pictures!



Erin & Zach with our "Painter's Touch* " FX


For more thoughts on "Photographer-Assisted Photography", just click on the link below


Until next time!





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Wedding Photography RCP style


Every now and then Robert Charles Photography has the privilege to work with a family over the course of a number of years.  This is the case with Jessica. 

A number of years ago, we had the opportunity to photograph Jessica for her Senior Pictures.  Later we created a family portrait for her family.  Still later, we photographed her brother Cory's Senior Pictures.  And just a few weeks ago we had the chance to photograph her wedding. 

Jessica was a delight to work with!  She and her (now) husband, Kyle, gave us the opportunity to create images which will be treasured for the rest of their lives.  Here are some of those images:



              Here's Jessica on her Wedding Day!


         Classic Jessica                                                                                      Jessica & Kyle exchange glances


         Outside, before her Ceremony!      


 Here is a quick 30 snippet from her day! 

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Classic, Elegant Wedding Photography in Lansing, MI? You bet!


Weddings are one of the most memorable events in a person's life, and the memories we have and share are kept fresh in our minds with incredible Wedding Day photography. 

Despite the influx of photo enthusiasts eager to try their hand at preserving lifetime memories, experienced Professional Wedding Photographers offer something which new "point and shooters" cannot:  Beautifully crafted images. 

Just think ... a Bride will spend hour upon hour pouring over a myriad of details for her Day.  And how will it be remembered?  In the photographs she treasures for years to come.     

Robert Charles Photography specializes in Classic, Elegant Wedding Photography by creating images which uphold a tradition of quality.  Your Wedding Day deserves nothing less.

Just 2 weeks ago we photographed Robin and Jeff's June Wedding.  We were happy to have played a small part in their exceptional day!  Some of their images appear below. 






       Another look - with "Painter's Touch"                                     Jeff - ready to go



       We photographed Robin & Jeff with our              And stopped at park on the way to the

              unique "Aisle Series".                                                      reception


                           Classic, Elegant Wedding Photography




                                 There's nothing better!


Until next time,


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Wedding Photography - Family


It's not often that you are called upon to photograph the wedding of a Family member.  However a few weeks ago, studio owner Rob Annis had the privilege of photographing one of his nephews, Kevin, and his fiancee, Amanda.


Having photographed hundreds of weddings, I set only one ground rule:  "During the course of the day, you are not allowed to call me "Uncle Rob".  (It would have been ... just too wierd)  


Here are a few of their images!


                            Amanda & Kevin                                       We applied a small amount of "Painter's Touch"

                                                                                                             to both of these images



                           We used the back yard of one of the Groomsmen.  

                     A small amount of Watercoloring was added for texturing


                                                                  This is one of my favorites.


All of these images are "Created Images".  All too often, Brides walk away from their weddings with nothing more than a collection of snapshots.  Robert Charles Photography is a strong believer in creating images which stand alone as a testiment to the beauty of the Bride and Groom's Wedding Day.


To see an overview of their wedding, just click on this link:



Until next time!


To see more of our work, visit us at




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Graduating at Michigan State

A couple of weeks ago, Feng and Kenneth celebrated their recent marriage - and Feng's graduation from MSU - with a reception at the Kellogg Center on campus.  They invited guests which included Professors, Classmates and Family - who came all the way from China for the occasion!  After the reception we had some time to create some beautiful images of the two of them together.  A few of those images appear below.



              Here they are with one of their favorite images                                           They wanted pictures in front of Beaumont Tower

                                                                                                                                                   so we did something a little lighthearted




                                           An image with "Painter's Touch" !


Feng and Kenneth loved their pictures, and we were honored to have played a small part in their special day.




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Wedding Photography in the Spring

Many couples wait until the warm Summer months to tie the knot.  Others decide to get a head start and exchange rings just after the snow melts.  As a Wedding Photographer, early Spring weddings can be challenging to provide rich outdoor imagery when the grass is matted and the trees are barren of leaves.  


And such was the case for Kelsey and KC's March 27th wedding in Michigan.  What did we do? 




  • First we placed Kelsey in a walkway, under an overhanging roof, where the light was soft and flattering
  • We used a large 6'x4' California Sunbounce reflector to bounce light back onto Kelsey's pretty face to even out and homogenize the tone
  • And we simplified the background, so it would not compete for attention with our subject
  • We completely enhancemented  the image and retouched Kelsey to produce that "Make-up Artist on-call" look which Brides adore
  • Lastly we created a Watercolor look to give this image its unique look.    The 20x30" print hanging in our Studio looks like an artist creation!

In preparation for her Wedding Day, Kelsey had put a lot of thought and energy into which dress she would wear, her hairstyle, bouquet, makeup and other considerations.  Rather than just "collecting" images of Kelsey on her wedding day, we had something better to offer her:  Photographer-Assisted Photography, featuring refined, well-crafted imagery which truly reflects the elevated view that Robert Charles Photography places on a Bride's special day.



After braving the low 50 degree temps outside, we brought Kelsey and KC into the church to create some additional images.  We brought them up the aisle (why photograph them on the steps?  It's been done before!) and used 3 light sources to create these uniquely beautiful images for them. 



After the ceremony we were able to complete our visual motiff by photographing both of them together in the aisle.  Stunning! 


Kelsey and KC asked if we could use their vintage car in some of their outside pictures.  Of course.  Here are a few of those pictures:


 Two images.  Different perspectives.  And who would have guessed there was snow on the ground just a couple weeks ago!


Until next time,





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